With the power to be profoundly educational, events offer valuable opportunities to gain:
  • knowledge
  • insights
  • experiences and
  • networking
deScier recently spear-headed in Brazil engaging and thought-provoking dialogues about the future of science and its limitless possibilities together with leading professionals and visionaries.
DeSci | OpSci 2023
University of Campinas | Unicamp
May 23rd, 2023
From Open to Decentralized Science
Unicamp Permanent Foruns
fórum Unicamp 2023
DeSci Americas 2023
University of São Paulo | USP
June 21st, 2023
New Opportunities in Science
DeSci Brazil SUMMIT 2023
Rio de Janeiro
Sept 13th, 2023
Exploring A New Future For Science
DeSci Summit 2023-5
Aiming at
  • Diverse Representation in Research 〉

Promote and actively encourage greater diversity in the scientific community, ensuring that researchers from all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and cultures have equal opportunities to contribute their unique perspectives and talents to the scientific endeavor.

Embrace different models for publishing and data sharing, making scientific findings and research available to the global community. Foster collaboration, transparency, and the dissemination of knowledge beyond traditional academic boundaries.

  • 〈 Access to Knowledge

Inclusive Funding and Grant Allocation 〉

Revise  and adopt new models for funding and grant allocation processes to be more inclusive and equitable, recognizing and supporting research projects that address a wide range of societal needs and challenges. Ensure that scientists from various disciplines and regions have fair access to resources.

Establish decentralized research networks that connect scientists and institutions worldwide, facilitating collaborative efforts, data sharing, and knowledge exchange on a global scale. Reduce the dominance of a few research hubs and encourages a more distributed approach to scientific progress.

〈 Decentralized Research Networks

Scientist-Centered Policies 〉

Implement policies that prioritize the well-being and work-life balance of scientists, acknowledging their contributions and providing support for career development, mental health, and family responsibilities. A scientist-centered approach fosters a healthier and more motivated scientific community.