Privacy Policy

deScier is a decentralized science platform run by Max Ecosys Ltd, located at 1636 Paulista Avenue, Group 1504, São Paulo, a Brazilian Company under the Number 44.935.990/0001-25.

Anonymity is guaranteed front and back ends of the Platform, through avatars, fantasy usernames, digital wallets and email created specifically for the relationship with deScier, if that is the User’s will.

The User can therefore create specific names, wallet and email addresses for interaction with the deScier Platform.

By login in, registering or clicking acceptance buttons, the User demonstrates his consent to the use and processing of his personal data pursuant to paragraph I of art. 7 and of § 1 art. 8 of the Personal Data Protection Brazilian-BR Law no. 13709/2018.

The User declares that he has read and given his free, express and informed acceptance, without any reservations, of the entire content of this document.

YOU CAN REVOKE THE CONSENT TO THE USE OF YOUR DATA AT ANY TIME via email (§ 5 art. 8 of BR law 13709/2018).

Read until the end. deScier takes the Privacy of your Personal Data seriously and carefully.

Our idea and goal are to help you build working relationships through deScier Services. Please read this document in its entirety to help you make informed decisions about your relationship with us, which we hope will be a long-term one of respect and, above all, trust in what we are together producing for society.

We are committed to maintaining your trust in our services by protecting your personal information. These Respect Privacy Relationship Principles (“Principles”) describe how the deScier Platform collects, uses, discloses and processes your Personal Information (“Personal Information”) in connection with your use of our websites (“Site Services”), applications (“Applications”) or other services available or to be created. that refer to or link to this Privacy Relationship, as well as any online and offline products, programs, courses, and services (collectively, our “Services”).

Personal Information is data that relates to you and may – alone or in combination with other information – identify you as an individual. Personal Information does not include data that has been aggregated or made anonymous (the so-called anonymization – paragraph IV Art. 18 BR law 13709/2018), so that you can no longer be identified using the means today reasonably available to us or to others.

These Data Privacy Principles (“Principles”) aim to guide you “User”, about our relationship, our services and about what information about you will be collected and processed by deScier, a decentralized science community (“deScier ”), when registering as a User, either as a service provider or by publishing projects, reports and articles, advertisements, products and services (“Announcer”) and using the website and applications that were developed by the brand made available for Android, iOS, or other operating systems and also by landing pages, hotsites and websites that are part of the Platform (‘Platform’), as well as the way in which such information is used and treated.

This document may be changed at any time by deScier, except in case of legal prohibition in this regard. Therefore, we recommend the periodic verification of the content of this document by the User, based on the update date indicated at the end of the document.

    • Through the Platform, deScier will be able to collect and process all information actively provided by the User, such as his name, identity numbers, address, e-mail, telephone, among other information requested during his registration on the Platform, navigation, eventual acquisition of services and products through this with the primary objective of customizing products and services for you User and providing better products and services to the Company.
    • deScier may collect and process other information, generated automatically when the User uses the Platform, such as, but not limited to, the identification of the equipment-device ID and the Internet Protocol-IP address used by the User, with date and time, pages accessed, information about clicks on the pages of the Platform, among others. deScier may also use cookies and other similar technologies to automatically collect and process information about the User’s browsing and shopping habits and preferences.
    • Geolocation data may also be collected, stored and processed to offer advantages and offers of more personalized services and products, as long as it is actively authorized by the User.
    • All technologies mentioned herein may be deactivated at any time by the User, by changing the settings of their browser or device. However, some features of the Platform may not work properly due to changes in the data collection and processing configuration.
    • By data processing we mean studies and analysis of the User’s behavior for the purpose of improving services, customization, guaranteeing fraud prevention and for the User’s safety.
    • The data collected and processed due to the access to the Platform by the User are intended to improve the provision of services by deScier, customizing them to the User.
    • Furthermore, the information will be used to improve the User’s browsing experience and interaction with the Platform, also intended to offer new products, services and promotions, and the collected data may also be processed and used for advertising purposes and statistics, including for the purpose of presenting the User with targeted advertising material.
    • Thus, by accepting this Policy, the User expresses his free, express and informed consent for deScier to use the information collected for the proper provision of services, and in the treatment of such data in the implementation of improvements and innovations in its products and services, as well as for advertising and statistical purposes as described in this document.
    • All information collected about the User is considered confidential by deScier and may be shared with third parties strictly in the following situations:
      • With deScier’s partner companies, such as administrators of means of payment, technology service providers, among others, in order to enable adequate provision of services and satisfactory delivery of products;
      • As a business asset;
      • For the protection of deScier’s interests, if necessary, in any form of conflict, extrajudicial or judicial;
      • In case of transactions and corporate changes involving deScier, in which the transfer of information will be fundamental to the continuity of services; or
      • By court order or at the request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for its request.
    • All User data effectively collected by deScier will be stored on its own servers or those of third parties, contracted for this purpose, in any country.
    • Thus, to guarantee the security of your data, deScier employs all reasonable market efforts to guarantee the security of its systems in the custody of said data, including the guidelines on security standards established in Decree No. 8,771/2016 and law 13709/2018, such as:
      • Use of standard and market methods to encrypt and anonymize the data collected, as well as standard forms of encryption to ensure its inviolability;
      • Use of high-tech software to protect against unauthorized access to systems, which are considered a controlled and security environment;
      • information is stored is made possible only to previously authorized persons, committed to keeping such information in absolute secrecy, which, if not observed, will entail civil liability and the consequences of legal measures pursuant to the law for transgressors;
      • Use of record access authentication mechanisms capable of identifying the person responsible for handling the records, as determined by article 13 of Decree n. 8771/2016 and BR law 13709/2018; and
      • Elaboration of an inventory containing the time, duration, identity of the employee or person responsible for access designated by the company and the file accessed, based on connection and application access records, pursuant to article 13 of BR Decree n. 8771/2016 and BR law 13709/2018.
    • The User may request the deletion of the data collected about him/ her by deScier, at any time, by contacting the Customer Service-SAC at the email However, the User should be aware that such removal will also entail less interaction with deScier.
    • deScier is committed to using its best efforts to respond to all requests for deletion as quickly as possible. However, even in the event of a request for deletion of information from deScier, the minimum data storage period established by law will still be observed.
    • This Privacy Policy will be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance to Brazilian laws, regardless of the conflicts of these laws with laws of other countries. The User expressly consents to the jurisdiction of these bodies, and hereby waives the jurisdiction of any other jurisdiction, however privileged it may be or become.