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We will send you payment instructions to your e-mail upon the acceptance of your work to be peer-reviewed.

Submit your article for peer-review and publication in The DeSci Journal® at the cost of 180 USD.

Note that 70% of these fees are allocated to compensate our dedicated Editors, Reviewers, and Designers who will meticulously enhance your article. The remaining funds will be allocated toward taxes, operational expenses, and reinvested in community projects.

We can also:
a) Make the graphics of your paper. Cost: 65 USD per graphic.
b) Format your written manuscript. Cost: 135 USD.
c) Submit your manuscript to peer-review for 2 Reviewers in your area and you take it to be published elsewhere in traditional publishing houses. Cost: 330 USD.
d) Write your paper under your guidance using a draft manuscript and primary data. This will cost you 2300 USD.

These are the steps:

  1. We will carefully assess and either accept or reject your submission.
  2. Following the acceptance of your article for review, a fee of 180 USD is required for continuing the review process.
  3. You will receive an email notification with details on the next steps, including payment instructions.
  4. Kindly ensure to assess the provided payment instructions and initiate the 180 USD payment according to the guidelines provided in the email.
  5. Feel free to contact our support team at should you have any questions or require further assistance throughout this process. We are here to help you every step of the way.

The deScier publishing platform uses speedy and user-friendly processes to expedite the publication and distribution of scientific and technical articles. Authors can submit their work to the platform, where a highly talented community will peer-review and publish your work using quality and ethical standards. All members of the community can contribute their expertise and resources. Members are treated fairly and operations are carried out transparently.

Benefits of using the deScier publishing platform include:
1) Flexibility.
2) Speed.
3) Authority.
4) Credibility.
5) Empowerment.
6) 100% copyright when publishing in The DeSci Journal®.
7) Paper metrics with views, shares, likes, comments.

8) Community.

Research Articles:

  • Research article
  • Review article
  • Capstone work | TCC
  • Short communication

Cases and Notes:

  • Case report
  • Case series
  • Technical note
  • Technical report


  • Systematic review
  • Pictorial essay


  • Letter to the Editor
  • Correspondence
  • Commentary


  • Conference Abstract
  • Editorial

If you can’t find a category you’d like to publish in, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to We would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Yes! We are still in beta preparing our very first edition. Come to join this epic moment! We welcome you to submit your results.  We accept a plethora of scientific and technical articles.

How Does it Work



Submit your manuscript.

Wait for Acceptance

When your manuscript is accepted for revision, qualified Reviewers will meticulously peer-review it, ensuring both a well-designed and high scientific standard publication.

Publish with deScier and keep your copyright

Once your article is peer-reviewed and approved, you can publish in The DeSci Journal™. The paper is your intellectual property, to do as you please!
Together, we will create a new future for science

The scientific publication industry is
as big as the music industry, 26 bi USD/ y

Currently, a paper
costs $2-6k to get published

In the traditional market, scientists don’t get any support for their work as Reviewers