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What is deScier?
We leverage the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate scientific collaboration for bringing ideas into being

To help scientists and science to advance, we are collaboratively creating deScier, a community run by scientists for scientists

The deScier’s scientific publication initiative is formed by highly qualified talents to collaborate on editorial work for publishing scientific papers and help you fund your work.

By using deScier, you can create a new model for scientific research that is collaborative and fair. We call on all scientists to join us in building this community for science research, and to help us create a brighter future for humanity. Together, we can advance the frontiers of knowledge and change the world.

How Does it Work



Submit your manuscript.

Wait for the Review

Qualified Reviewers will peer-review your manuscript for a publication which is at the same time well-designed and of high scientific standards.

Publish on deScier and keep your copyright

Once your paper is approved, you can publish on The DeSci Journal™ as NFT. The paper is your property, to do as you please!
Our Community
Meet our Ecosystem
Together, we will create a new future for science
We are a Worldwide community

As a member of our community, you will have access to a network of experienced scientists who are willing to provide guidance and support.

Whether you need advice on a specific project or simply want to bounce ideas off of other experts, our community is here to help.

Our Strategy and Project Plan

Dec 2022

Landing Page Launch

Apr 2023

First call for paper publication

Sep 2023

Paper Publication results

Jan 2023

DeScier WhitePaper Launch

Sep 2023

New partnerships announcement

May 2023

OpSci | DeSci Unicamp

Jun 2023

DeSci Americas USP

  • Dec 2022Landing Page Launch
  • May 2023Whitepaper publication
  • Jun 2024deScier ICO
  • Nov 2022Discord Community Creation
  • Mar 2023First call for publications
  • Sept 2023The DeSci Journal
  • Jan 2024DeScier V2 Deploy

The scientific publication industry is
as big as the music industry, 26 bi USD/ y

Currently, a paper
costs $2-6k to get published

In the traditional market, scientists don’t get any support for their work as Reviewers

As scientists, we are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of science. We believe in the power of collaborative work and the sharing of ideas, accessible to all in a shared economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A decentralized science-DeSci publishing platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable the publication and distribution of academic papers. A DeSci community is a type of organization that is run using smart contracts and is governed by its members, scientists and researchers who come together to review and publish scientific papers.

A DeSci publishing platform uses smart contracts to automate the process of publishing and distributing academic papers. Authors can submit their papers to the platform, and the smart contracts will handle the review and publication process according to predefined rules and guidelines. The members of the community can propose and vote on projects, as well as contribute their expertise and resources to the projects. The smart contracts will enforce the rules and ensure that all members are treated fairly and that the organization operates transparently.

Payments are made in USDC.
USDC is a stable digital coin. We will send you payment instructions to your e-mail upon the acceptance of your work.
Benefits of using the deScier publishing platform include:
1) Flexibility.
2) Speed.
3) Authority.
4) Credibility.
5) Empowerment. From scientists to scientists.
6) Copyrights when publishing in the deScier Journal as NFT.
7) Paper metrics in 24h with views, shares, likes, comments.

Submit your formatted manuscript for peer-review and publish as a NFT in the deScier Decentralized Science Library. Cost: 150 USDC.

Or we can:
a) Make the graphics of your paper. Cost: 50 USDC per graphic.
b) Format your written manuscript. Cost: 100 USDC.
c) Submit your manuscript to peer-review for 2 Reviewers in your area and you take it to be published elsewhere in traditional publishing houses. Cost: 140 USDC.
d) Write your paper under your guidance using a draft manuscript and primary data. This will cost you 2000 USDC.

Other benefits of using a DeSci publishing platform include:
-Greater control and transparency. With a DeSci platform, authors have more control over their papers and can track the progress of the publication process in real-time.
-Faster and more efficient publishing. DeSci platforms use automation to speed up the review and publication process, reducing the time it takes for papers to be published.
-Reduced costs. DeSci platforms use blockchain-based payment systems to reduce or eliminate the fees and charges associated with traditional publishing.
-Improved collaboration and innovation. DeSci platforms facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources among scientists, enabling them to work together on projects and advance science.

It’s simple! To join our community join our Discord Channel and follow the instructions there

Yes! We welcome you to submit your results to us. Scientific papers, opinions, reports, observations, reviews will be peer-reviewed and published as NFT.